Here is a breakdown of what to expect when booking David-H to perform at your event. David will play at your event regardless if the audience is 80 guests or 50'000 clubbers. 


 David accompanies all types of DJs playing any style of ‘House’ music. However, if you want something really special then David will DJ and play drums simultaneously. 

Set Up’s Available

1.‘The Bongoman’ - In this set-up David plays a set of the worlds best professional bongo’s. Backed up with an amazing array of additional percussion instruments including cow bell, wood block and whistle. This set-up is what he is most famous for, rocking many clubs including Space & Manumission in Ibiza.

2. ‘David-H Percussion’ - This is the ‘full kit’ set-up including all of the above plus a pair of full size congas that provide the deep & dark tribal sound plus additional cymbals…. AND exclusively to this arrangement the fabulous Roland SPD-DX electronic drum pads are included offer an unlimited array of colour and imaginative sounds.

Performance Space Required

Little space is needed to set up bongo’s and takes around 15 minutes. David has been known to play in the DJ box right next to the DJ, so space is not really an problem. The instrument is portable enough to bring on & off the stage environment if need be. 


This is quite useful if a promoter wishes David to change location during the performance. Set-up number 2 requires a working area of 8ft x 6ft and a power source for the mixer. Set-up time including sound check is about 40 minutes.


As a professional David arrives at a performance no later than 1 hour before. Normally this gives ample time to solve any technical challenges. However, if necessary, David will make himself available to set-up and sound check plenty of time before performance. 



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